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Phone System Portability

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Do you travel?  Do you have multiple offices?  Would you like some of your employees to be able to answer calls from their home?  Our system can travel with you.  Your extension number follows you anywhere, even at the beach.  

With multiple offices, the cost of using "Phone-systems" most of the time require the use of expensive point-to-point services.  With our hosted PBX service, just bring the phone and you're done. 

Benefits for Business with multiple branch:

  • Communicate seemlessly / transfer calls between office branch by extension
  • One number can ring both or all branch offices, we can even configure it by time or date.
  • No long distance calling between the branch offices.
  • No single point of failure, if one branch goes down, the other branch continues to operate

Benefits for Small Businesses with Employees working from home:

  • With our Hosted PBX, your staff can communicate by extension, every time.
  • Your business number can ring ALL or designated phones in each employees home
  • Save the cost of renting an office and still portray a "One" office image
  • Allows your employees to make business calls from their extension with your business line
  • Of course, we can prevent international calling
  • Virtually unlimited long distance nationwide

These are just some of the benefits, give us a call if you are interested in a demo. 623.932.0481